Plainville Fire Department


A Fireman's Mom

A Fireman's Mom is in a class of her own,
Like an angel from heaven, like a queen on a throne.
Her heart and spirit as large as a mountain,
With a smile that sparkles
like a sun-splashed fountain.

She's put up with me,
since the first sound I'd spoken.
Even to this day . . . that's a feat seldom broken!
While she's fully aware of the danger I face,
She rarely shows it - not even a trace.

But deep within . . .
her thoughts are more prayerful,
"Lord, watch over my child,
- OH please . . . be careful."

A beautiful lady with her charm and appeal,
Never missing a birthday or my favorite meal.
Like a rare-cut diamond, a priceless breed,
Always ready to help any person in need.

Not mentioned enough, like a prayer or a psalm,
You're loved more than ever,
"my" Fireman's Mom.

Neal Mullane Jr.

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